Revered Albert Moses III

Birthed into a blessing does not begin to adequately personify the fire that pierces the heart of Reverend Albert Moses, III; and just as our Messiah was to become the legacy of Mary and Joseph’s family as was Albert. Born on March 21, 1986 to the union of Pastors Albert and Charlotte Moses, Jr., thus began his paved and mapped out journey to the pulpit. His early footsteps with God began when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at a very young age which in turn led to him preaching at the age of seventeen. In his formative years, Albert was blessed to have a family of strong Christian heritage, positive influence, support and vast achievement.

Being a graduate of the prestigious, historically black and faith based institution Wiley College of Marshall, Texas, Young Moses obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications. Upon matriculation, Albert moved back to his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas to not only aid his parents in ministry but to also be closely connected, mentored and trained under the ministry and leadership of his renown father, Pastor Albert Moses, Jr. In doing so, he served as the minister of music and as a minister of the gospel but always felt as though God had a greater desire for him. After receiving fatherly encouragement to attain some “learning to go with his burning” and passion to work in ministry, Albert attended the Interdenominational Theological Center at The Morehouse School of Religion in Atlanta, GA. However, God always had a plan for this young wildfire preacher and that plan began to come to fruition when in 2011 Reverend Albert Moses, III was ordained as Assistant Pastor of Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Port Arthur. However, with such obedience comes greater sacrifice. This newly acclaimed pastoral status would require him to move closer to home. As a result, he began attending the George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University in Waco, Texas in efforts to earn his Master’s of Divinity degree with a concentration in Ministry Leadership.

“Reverend Al”, as he is affectionately known, has not only had the opportunity to serve as a scholastic educator, be a proud member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., preach in various states, officiate and arrange empowering events and conferences or be of great service to his family and others, but he continues the legacy by marking the third generation of Moses preachers to lead God’s people by the unparalleled practical application of God’s word. “Reverend Al” believes in preaching and teaching the word of God, and just as importantly, he believes that we must “live” the word. In all of his achievements and endeavors, he is most proud of being a blood bought, Holy Ghost filled, and fire baptized, servant of the Lord Jesus Christ ready and willing to utilize his God-given talents and tools to win souls for Christ!